How Your General Dentist Can Help You Get Whiter Teeth At Home

A general dentist can provide most of the dental treatments you may need, including teeth whitening. That's why it's a good idea to find a dentist you like. That way you'll have someone to turn to for cleaning, teeth whitening, filling cavities, and treating gum disease. When it comes to teeth whitening treatments, those provided by a general dentist are more effective than the products you buy at the store. Here's a look at how a professional teeth whitening kit works. [Read More]

Why Professional Teeth Cleaning Is Essential For A Healthy Mouth

There are many different oral health practices that you have to keep regularly following if you want your teeth to last as healthily as they should for your whole life. The last thing you want is, as you get older, to have to replace teeth with false dentures, but many people end up having to do just that. If you are not careful, this can happen in your thirties or even your twenties. [Read More]

Should You Have Dermal Fillers Done Before Or After Dental Work?

Nowadays, you can have both dermal fillers and dental work carried out by a dentist, and often at the same clinic. Together, dermal fillers and dental work can improve your facial esthetics considerably. But you might be wondering if it's best to have dermal fillers before or after dental work. You can have dermal filler injections both before and after dental work. But in both cases, you should wait a while before proceeding with the treatment. [Read More]

Should Your Dentist Remove Your Teen's Wisdom Teeth?

If your teen's wisdom teeth take too long to break through their gums, you may wonder if it's time to remove their teeth. If your loved one's gums appear red and swollen, you may want to take them to a general dentist soon. You may want the dentist to remove their wisdom teeth before they become infected. Learn more about your teen's wisdom teeth and why a general dentist should remove the teeth below. [Read More]