Should Your Dentist Remove Your Teen's Wisdom Teeth?

If your teen's wisdom teeth take too long to break through their gums, you may wonder if it's time to remove their teeth. If your loved one's gums appear red and swollen, you may want to take them to a general dentist soon. You may want the dentist to remove their wisdom teeth before they become infected. Learn more about your teen's wisdom teeth and why a general dentist should remove the teeth below.

What Should You Know About Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are generally the last four teeth to emerge in your teen's mouth. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, take many years to develop in the jaw bone. If there's enough room in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth emerge without issue. However, the jawbones of some teens can be too small to accommodate their wisdom teeth's large size. The teeth may struggle to break through the gums.  

Wisdom teeth that don't erupt fully out of the gums may cause a host of symptoms, including swelling and pain. The gum tissue covering your teen's wisdom teeth may also appear red and inflamed. If your teen's jaw is exceptionally small, they may feel pressure in the back of their mouth as well. The symptoms can feel worse when your teen chews food or brushes their teeth.

If you think your teen's wisdom teeth will continue to cause them pain, consult a general dentist for care today. 

How Will a Dentist Remove Your Teen's Teeth?

A general dentist can examine all four of your teen's wisdom teeth with X-rays. If your loved one's teeth appear trapped below the gums, a dentist will need to remove them. The teeth may take too long to break through the gums. 

If your teen's wisdom teeth contain large amounts of bacteria, a dentist may prescribe antibiotics to them prior to their surgery. Some types of oral bacteria can damage the jawbone and sinus cavities. A dentist must contain the infectious organisms before they cause additional problems for your teen. A dentist will schedule your loved one's wisdom teeth surgery afterward.

The process for removing wisdom teeth may vary from teen to teen. However, most general dentists surgically remove wisdom teeth from the jaw. If your teen still attends school, a dentist may schedule multiple appointments for them. Your loved one's gums must take time to heal after surgery.

Contact your dentist for more information.