New Tools For Faster And More Efficient Problem-Detection At The Dentist's Office

There are a number of new technologies available these days that can help you if you dislike the diagnostic part of dentistry. Instead of the traditional X-ray machine, there are some other types of diagnostic tools that dentists can use in order to determine what's going on in your mouth.

LED Detection

New technology makes it possible for dentist's to shine a light in your mouth in order to immediately detect the presence of certain anomalies. It's not every issue related to the mouth, but some, such as oral cancer, can be detected this way. This can serve as an improvement upon other initial diagnostic methods.

The way it works is through an LED light that's blue-white in color, as well as other luminescent sources. A color change often indicates a positive result.

3D Scanning

Another scanning procedure that can often be circumvented is for when you get a mold. This often occurs when you're looking to get an implant after a root canal. If you dislike how much time you spend in the dentist's chair or at home due to diagnostics, you can find a dentist that has a 3D scanning machine. This will make it so that you only have to be scanned once.

Then, the implant you need can be produced using a 3D printer either right in the dentist's office if they have one, or elsewhere if they don't. This is often much faster and more efficient than the traditional way of doing it which requires weeks of wait time.

Digital X-Rays

Another potential approach for an alternative to traditional diagnostics at the dentist's office is to go with the digital X-rays. These are often available through your machine. These work faster than their older alternatives. They also have less of an effect on the body, due in part to their speed. The image can be brought up on the screen in a matter of seconds when you use this approach.

The rays emitted are typically 90% less than with traditional X-rays. So, if this is your issue with traditional dental diagnostics, digital X-Rays are often a great way to go.

Overall, you definitely shouldn't settle for traditional diagnostics if you have an issue that you want identified and you don't like some of the old ways of doing things in terms of the time it takes or any other reason. There are dentists out there with new tech that will work for you. For more information, contact a dentist office like Smile City.