2 Tips to Prevent Your Nance Appliance from Loosening

Like braces, a nance appliance is installed as tightly as possible. This is done to ensure that your teeth move into the correct position within a reasonable amount of time. While this device is originally installed to be fairly tight, it can also loosen over time. If your nance appliance loosens while you wear it, then this will stop it from working properly. You may notice that the position of your teeth may have remained stagnant or they may have even moved back into their original position. Therefore, it is important to prevent this problem from occurring. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you should use in order to prevent your nance appliance from loosening.

Avoid Eating Sticky Foods too Often

Eating sticky foods every once in a while may not be detrimental to the health of your nance appliance. However, eating sticky candies and chewing gum regularly can eventually cause the device to loosen. These foods attach themselves to the device and slowly pull on it. Over time, this constant tension will weaken the device. When the device loosens, this will cause your teeth to drift out of alignment.  Therefore, you should stick to eating foods that do not require too much chewing while wearing your dental appliance. Foods like soups and mashed potatoes are easy to consume and are not aggressive on your dental device.

Maintain Proper Gum Health

Your gums can swell up for a number of reasons. However, one of the most common reasons why your gums swell when wearing a dental appliance is due to bacterial growth. If you are not cleaning your teeth and gums thoroughly, then bacterial and plaque buildup will cause your gums to react negatively. When your gums swell, they will push against the nance appliance. The added pressure placed on the appliance will cause it to loosen until the swelling subsides.

In order to avoid potentially swollen gums, it is important to brush after meals and follow with an antibacterial rinse and floss. An antibacterial rinse will help to clean areas that are covered and hidden by the appliance. You can create a homemade rinse by simply dissolving a spoonful of salt in warm water and using it after you are done eating. Hold the rinse around your gum line for several minutes before spitting.

Finding out that your nance appliance is loose can serve as a major setback. Therefore, use these tips to help ensure that this does not happen. For more information or assistance, visit resources like http://hcdentistryak.com/.