Add These Three Foods To Your Diet For Optimal Dental Health

If you're vigilant about limiting your intake of high-sugar foods that can increase your risk of cavities and hard, crunchy foods that can chip your tooth enamel, you're already taking a proactive role in your health. Visiting the dentist for regular checkups is another important way to keep your smile healthy, but it's valuable to know that the diet you consume can also help the health of your teeth. Several commonly available foods are known for their dental health qualities, which means that the next time you find yourself browsing the supermarket, you can benefit from adding these three things to your shopping basket.


Salmon is an all-around healthy choice because of how it's packed with healthy fats, but this fish can also positively impact your oral health. Salmon is packed with vitamin D. This vitamin plays a pivotal role in allowing your body to absorb calcium, which is integral for helping you build strong, healthy teeth. While calcium is commonly found in dairy products, it's also prevalent in leafy green veggies such as broccoli and kale -- simply add some leafy green veggies to the menu when you're cooking salmon, and you'll be doing your oral health a big favor.


Celery takes a long time to chew and swallow, which is ideal as far as your teeth are concerned. This prolonged period of chewing acts as something of a vegetable toothbrush and can actually clean and scrape your teeth as you chew. It's also a healthy choice because it's loaded with vitamins that can help build healthier gums. The better your gum health, the less likely you'll have to contend with the uncomfortable symptoms of gum disease. Additionally, it's a high-fiber food, which is ideal. Fiber helps make you feel fuller, which means you might be less enticed to snack on something unhealthy after you've enjoyed some celery.


Despite their sweetness, including raisins in your diet can be beneficial for your oral health. The sweetness in raisins is caused by sucrose, which isn't detrimental to your teeth like glucose or fructose. The main benefit of this dried fruit is that it contains elements that can reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. The less bacteria you have, of course, the less you'll be at risk of oral health issues such as cavities and gum disease. Provided you brush your teeth thoroughly to avoid raisin pieces being lodged between your teeth, this commonly available fruit can give you a reason to smile at your next dentist appointment.

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