What Are The Different Teeth Whitening Options?

If you are planning on whitening your teeth, you have three main cosmetic options: at-home whitening, custom tray whitening, and in-office laser whitening. Each of these options has many benefits, as well as drawbacks. Here is more information about these types of teeth whitening procedures.

At-Home Whitening

The teeth whitening many people turn to is done at home with different kits sold in drug stores and beauty supply stores. Some of these kits come with strips to be used on the teeth, while others have trays. The benefits to using at-home whitening kits include the fact that they are fast, easy to obtain, and less expensive. However, with the cost savings and convenience, you don't get the bright white smile you could get if you received a whitening procedure from your dentist. If you use the trays, they won't be fitted to your teeth, so there might be spots on your teeth that are whiter than others.

Custom Tray Whitening

If you want to get professional teeth whitening, one of the options your dentist will likely offer is tray whitening. This is much better than the home whitening trays since they are custom-made for your teeth. The trays will fit snugly on your teeth, providing excellent whitening that occurs in the office and at home. You first visit the dentist to get impressions made of your teeth. These are sent to a lab and you return for the trays after a week or so. The dentist then shows you how to add whitening gel to the strips and place them on your teeth. You will repeat the process at home for the desired amount of time. The more you use them, the whiter your teeth will get. They are reusable, so you only have to get more gel when you run out.

In-Office Laser Whitening

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get whiter teeth is by choosing laser whitening in the dentist's office. This can be done in about an hour or less, depending on how many times the dentist uses the laser in order to achieve your desired level of whiteness. With laser whitening, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth, then a laser shines on your teeth, which activates the whitening product. This can be done multiple times in short increments until you are happy with the results. While laser whitening is the most expensive option, it is often the preferred option since it is more convenient.