What To Know About Bone Grafts Prior To Dental Implants

In some cases, those who wish to have dental implants must also undergo an outpatient dental procedure known as a bone graft or augmentation. To find out why this sort of procedure might be necessary and what to expect, read on. Your Jawbone May Be Weak The post that holds in an implant and makes it so long-lasting and secure will attach to your jawbone, located just under your gums. That area, however, can sometimes be too weak for a post to properly attach. [Read More]

Four Useful Tips for Long-Term Care of Your New Dental Implants

Dental implants may be artificial restorations, but this doesn't mean that they don't require care. You must care for your implants to maintain proper dental health. Failure to do so can give rise to various dental issues that may affect your natural teeth and cause implant failure. With this in mind, here are three long-term care tips for your new dental implants. Adhere to the Post-Op Instructions Once you get dental implants, your orthodontist will provide a list of post-operation instructions. [Read More]

Does Your Tooth Need A Root Canal? Symptoms You Should Watch For

Dental pain is often described as one of the most uncomfortable sensations that you can struggle with and for good reason. In many cases, dental pain is the result of a decaying tooth that's at risk of infection. While sometimes the problem tooth will have to be extracted, there are many situations, especially if caught early, where your dentist might be able to save the tooth with a root canal. Here's a look at some of the signs you need to watch for that may indicate a need to reach out to your dentist about a possible root canal. [Read More]