Six Priorities To Focus On When You Get A Dental Crown

Dental crowns can replace or restore a tooth that is missing or damaged. If you are getting a dental crown, there are a few priorities you should focus on to maximize your comfort and ensure that the procedure goes smoothly. 

The following are six priorities to focus on when you get a dental crown. 

Making sure that a dental crown is the right option for you

You need to discuss the best method for repairing or replacing your tooth with your dentist. In order to be eligible for a dental crown, it's important that you have enough of your tooth's structure remaining to support the crown. Your dentist will inspect the tooth and let you know if a crown is a good option. 

Being well-informed when you go in for the procedure

Knowing what to expect when you go in to get a dental crown is important. Ask your dentist any questions you have about preparing for the procedure and recovering afterward.

When you're well-informed about what to expect during the procedure, you're less stressed out and your dental crown procedure will likely go more smoothly. 

Communicating with your dentist

Your dentist needs to know if you're experiencing discomfort before, during, and after the procedure. Make sure that you're communicating clearly with your dentist. Letting your dentist know about any unusual pain you experience during the procedure is important for avoiding both complications and discomfort. 

Stocking up on foods that are appropriate for your recovery period

You'll want to make some temporary dietary changes while you're recovering from the dental crown procedure. You should stock up on foods that are soft and don't require a lot of chewing. Avoid crunchy or sticky foods for a few days after the procedure so that you can be sure that your crown isn't accidentally loosened or damaged. 

Understanding the costs of the procedure

The cost of getting a dental crown can vary depending on your location. In general, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,100 and $1,300 for your dental crown.

If you have dental insurance, your insurance should cover this cost for you. Otherwise, you'll need to pay out of pocket or go on a payment plan with your dental office if possible. 

Avoiding future tooth decay

When patients need a dental crown, it's often because of poor oral hygiene habits in the past that resulted in tooth decay. That's why you should focus on improving your oral hygiene habits after you get a dental crown and thereby avoiding future dental problems. 

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