5 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Love The Dentist

No parent wants to see their child upset. Unfortunately, when it comes to dentistry it can seem unavoidable. Children have to go to the dentist one way or another, and it doesn't have to be a terrifying experience. Here are some tips for making it a more pleasant time.

1. Don't Treat It as a Negative

When you cringe and flinch at the idea of the dentist, you're teaching your children to be frightened as well. Children can pick up on surprisingly subtle moods. If you hesitate before you tell your child they're on the way to the dentist, they'll think that it's some form of punishment or something to be afraid of. Instead, treat going to the dentist as something fun and exciting. 

2. Bring Them Something to Occupy Them

Don't rely on the waiting room toys to entertain your kids. Bring some of their favorite toys to the office so they'll have a pleasant experience while waiting. This will keep them from focusing on the unfamiliar atmosphere, which could make them nervous.

3. Look for a Family Dentist

Some dentists aren't good with kids. You want a kid's dentist or a family dentist to take care of your children. Dealing with children requires some unique skills in addition to some special equipment and options. Family dentists like John S. Lyon DDS will have kid's movies, kid's music, kid's toys, and kid's flavorings for their dental treatments.

4. Reward Them Afterwards

When your children have been good at the dentist, reward them with something else they enjoy. You can bring them to the park directly after or give them a new toy. If they associate the dentist with rewards, they'll learn to enjoy it.

5. Teach Them

Children are often afraid because they don't understand what's going on. Though you don't want to act concerned, you should be clear about what's going on when they go to the dentist. Explain dental health to them and describe what's going to happen at the dentist. This will help them cope.

Many adults are afraid of the dentist. Some adult are even afraid of the dentist because of the negative issues that they experienced when they were a child. It's understandable that children could become nervous when they are confronted by whirring objects and tools next to and inside of their teeth. If you try your best to remain calm yourself, you should be able to talk hem through it.