Caring For Veneers

Smiling at yourself in every mirror you see is something you're already doing, thanks to new porcelain teeth veneers. Veneers give you the smile you always wanted, but you must remember that even though they aren't teeth, they need dedicated care if you want to preserve, protect and maintain them. Here's some guidance:

Get Non-Abrasive Toothpaste

A primary mistake made by quite a number of those with veneers is that they're continuing the same brushing routine that they did before veneer application. The veneers are perfect; they don't need the gritty, abrasive toothpaste you were scrubbing your teeth with. Instead, focus on polish; choose gentle toothpastes that will eliminate bacteria and keep the veneers bright.

Use Straws

If you're excited to drink tea, coffee, and other staining liquids because you don't think veneers will absorb those stains, you're not entirely correct. Just like teeth, the veneers could end up browning without care, especially along the edges where the veneers were first bonded to your teeth.

Straws can somewhat eliminate this risk because it diminishes contact between veneers and liquids. Keep some handy whenever you have the taste for a problematic beverage.

Be Gentle

Because the veneers seem strong, you may rip things with them or start crunching hard candies and ice. This isn't conducive to longevity. Remember the veneers are porcelain; porcelain does have the potential to crack or shatter. Don't believe yourself to be a superhero with superhuman teeth; treat the veneers as you would your precious teeth.

This generally means that if you're a regular sports player, you need to seriously invest in mouthguards. The guards can block anything coming toward the veneers accidentally.

Handle Bruxism

Whether you know or must be told by a spouse or relative that you've been grinding teeth, now that you've got veneers you need help with it. Just as grinding--a condition known as brutish--could damage jaws and teeth, it can also have a poor effect on the veneers you're hoping to maintain. Your dentist should have ideas and possible solutions.

Brush Regularly

You may think you're now off the hook with brushing; you may not do it as often because your real teeth aren't on display. Remember that your habits will still affect those underlying teeth. What's more, the health of those teeth could affect your veneers. Keep up with frequent brushing. Floss too.

Discuss veneers with your cosmetic dentist. They can recommend polishing treatments and other helpful actions. Contact a dental office like Leo Uicker DDS for more information and assistance.