Dental Woes: When You Need An Oral Surgeon Instead Of A Dentist

If you are in need of oral treatment beyond the scope of a regular cleaning or fillings, you may benefit more from an oral surgeon than a regular dentist. Dentists are fantastic professionals who are very important to your oral care, but there are some instances in which an oral surgeon would be a better option, including the following:

Placing Dental Implants

If you have major tooth loss and want an alternative to dentures, dental implants are a great option. Getting dental implants is a major surgical procedure and will require an oral surgeon. Dental implants are placed in two phases. There is an initial implantation process where the mouth is prepared for the new teeth. The second phase is when the implants are permanently restored. This process will require anesthesia and a recovery process that must be overseen by medical professionals.


Most dentists are very well qualified to perform extractions. However, there are some cases that will require a surgical extraction. A surgical extraction is required when there is no visible tooth for the dentist to grasp in order to pull it. To remove the tooth surgically, the surgeon will have to cut into the gum and remove the tooth in pieces in order to get all of the decayed matter out. An oral surgeon is the best person to perform this procedure.

Replacing Teeth That Have Come Out

In some cases, a tooth that has been knocked out of place can be replaced and saved as long as it is attended to within a few hours by an oral surgeon. A regular dentist will not typically have the equipment on hand to perform this type of procedure. The tooth will need to be carefully brought into the oral surgeon and cleaned so they can attempt to reattach it. It will require major precision as the roots and nerves will have to be reconnected. This type of procedure takes years of practice and training that only a dental surgeon can accomplish.  

If you have spent a long time away from the dentist or if you have suffered from an injury that has damaged your teeth, you should seek out a dental surgeon to make repairs. A dental surgeon is the best qualified person to take care of any major problems that occur with your teeth, especially if you want to try to save your natural teeth. Always be sure to see your dentist regularly so that you can avoid any major problems in the first place. For more information, talk to a dentist like Bruce Mathes DDS.