Ways To Make Flossing More Fun For Your Children

Parenthood has many joys, so why not make flossing more fun for the children? What better way to show your child you care than to ensure they have a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime? By forming a good habit at a young age, it will become part of their routine for excellent oral hygiene.

Use a Chart: Be crafty and make a chart for each day of the month and provide some stickers for each day your child flosses. Plenty of charts are available online for your convenience. If you don't have stickers, draw a smiley face or similar picture in the slot. When the chart is full (or in a week) it will be time for a reward. The reward can be a trip the child has wanted, even if it is only a trip to the park or staying up later for a special television show.

Use Floss Sticks: Make it floss sticks/wands for the child. They come in different colors, and some even glow in the dark. They are small and easily held, but you will want to use more than one. Keep it clean and stress how it is dirty because it is full of bacteria.

Play the Count Game: Play the 'How Many Teeth Do I Have?' game. For each tooth you floss, count it as you go for the conclusion. Children will have 20 baby teeth (top and bottom). Make it a jingle, as you floss; similar to the old children's rhyme of Ten Little Indians.

Play a Video: Many videos are available on the Internet that show all of the reasons a child should floss properly. Play several of those so your child can relate to the cartoon characters and also realize that it can be fun.

Join In: Your child will mimic your actions. When it is time to floss, make it show and tell. Floss your teeth and let your child watch. Offer him/her a stick after you have provided the background of how to properly floss the teeth. You might be surprised.

Introducing a child to the benefits of flossing at an early age is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Praise goes a long way on the road to good oral hygiene practices. There are many other ways your imagination can work toward your child flossing, but these guidelines should make the journey a more fun-filled adventure.