What Your Next Dental Appointment Will Be Like After COVID

Have you been putting off your dental appointments due to COVID-19, and now you are finally feeling comfortable enough to go back into the office for a cleaning and inspection? If so, you'll likely be in store for some changes based on how things were before. Here is what you can expect your next dental appointment to be like. To learn more about general dentistry, contact a dentist. 

Minimal Waiting Room Time

Worried about the number of people that will be in the waiting room with you? Thankfully, it's possible that your dentist will try to limit the number of patients that are hanging around unnecessarily in the waiting room. Some dentists have you check in over the phone to let you know that you have arrived, and then have you wait in your vehicle until they are ready to start your appointment. This means that you can wait outside and at least give yourself some peace of mind that you are outdoors.

COVID Screening Procedures

You'll be asked a few different questions regarding your status regarding COVID-19. While the dentist may or may not ask if you are vaccinated, they'll likely ask you if you have been exposed to anyone recently with COVID-19 and ask to take your temperature. If you have too many risk factors or high temperatures, it is likely that you'll be asked to reschedule your appointment for another time when enough time has passed. Do not lie during the screening process since the purpose is to keep everyone in the dental office safe. 

Additional Air Purification

One way that the dental office will try to make sure that you are breathing clean air is to use an air purification system. You may notice units that look like fans in the dental office that are running all the time, which actually process the air in the room and filter it so that it is clean and safe to breathe.

Additional PPE

Expect anybody working with you for your cleaning and inspection to wear additional personal protection equipment. Your dental hygienist and the dentist will likely be wearing a mask and face shield in order to keep them safe during the procedure. 

No Ultrasonic Scaler

The office may be trying to reduce the risk of airborne droplets by temporarily no using the ultrasonic scaler, which uses a combination of vibrations and water to remove the plaque from your teeth. If the hygienist gets out the hand scaler, know that this is not something that is new to the dental office and is here to stay.