3 Questions About Having Sensitive Teeth

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity that comes and goes? If so, this is definitely not something to ignore because it is a sign that your teeth are trying to tell you something. Here are some common questions you likely have about this unique situation. 

Why Do Your Teeth Feel More Sensitive At Certain Times Of The Year? 

Have you noticed that your teeth feel more sensitive during the summer months and are wondering why? It may be less to do about the time of year and more to do about what you are eating and drinking. If you suffer from sensitivity when you eat and drink cold items, you may not be realizing that the winter is filled with more hot foods and the summer is filled with cold foods. The same is true of the opposite with heat sensitivity, where you may experience it more in the winter when you are drinking hot beverages and foods. 

Will Teeth Whitening Make Your Teeth More Sensitive?

Anybody that is considering teeth whitening should be aware that it can make your teeth feel more sensitive after the procedure. This is because the whitening procedure uses chemicals that will essentially go into the tiny pores of your teeth to help make them whiter. This leaves those pores open, which makes it possible for hot and cold temperatures to get into places that they cannot normally get to. Thankfully, sensitivity after whitening should go away over time, but it is a real problem that you'll need to deal with if you have the procedure done. 

Why Do Your Teeth Get Sensitive When You're Older?

A common problem that affects older people is sensitive teeth. However, this is not a problem caused specifically by age, but other health problems that come up in your mouth. As your gums start to recede, it is going to expose parts of your teeth that have normally never been exposed before. This will lead to them being more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures because the bottom portion of your tooth doesn't have enamel blocking those temperatures. 

If you have gum recession, there are a few things that you can do to make your teeth feel less sensitive. Start by switching to a toothpaste specifically designed to prevent tooth sensitivity, which fills in those pores of your teeth that can cause sensitivity by clogging them. You can also have your dentist give you a fluoride varnish treatment that can temporarily reduce sensitivity. Reach out to a dentist in your area to learn more.