Here's How Dental Crowns Fix Sensitivity Issues

When you have sensitive teeth, it's hard to keep your mind on anything else. Depending on the level of severity you're experiencing, you could have discomfort when drinking cold or hot things, or be in absolute agony if something so much as touches your teeth. The good news is, no matter how bad your sensitivity is, dental crowns can help.

Seal It

The first thing that dental crowns do for you is seal off your tooth from being exposed to liquids and solids that you drink and eat. This helps to ensure that it doesn't experience further damage from what you're consuming, even if you have a sugary diet. The crown will cut the tooth off completely from the outside world, so these will no longer be a concern.

Temperature Control

Temperature extremes can trigger pain in most people with sensitive teeth. Whether it's extreme cold or extreme hot, a crown can help to shield you from the worst of temperature shifts.

This is because the dental crown fits over the tooth entirely and acts as a sort of insulating wall. This ensures that the biggest temperature extremes won't make it to your teeth and you'll remain comfortable no matter what kind of hot soups or icy beverages you enjoy.

No Pressure

Lastly, pressure can be a big pain for people with sensitive teeth. Just the simple act of biting down on food is often enough to cause pain for people. Fortunately, the same wall that acts as insulation also prevents pressure from making it to the inner tooth easily.

When you bite down on a crown, the crown takes the brunt of the force. It sits on top of the gums, so your gums will also be exposed to some pressure. However, the tooth that's being protected by the crown should experience very minor pressure, as most of it will be absorbed by the crown. This should help to prevent you from experiencing pain from biting down on the tooth.

Dental crowns can do a lot to keep you comfortable when you have a tooth with sensitivity issues. If you've been struggling with a sensitive tooth, don't wait any longer and give it a chance to get worse. Contact a dentist such as Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC and get the help that you need right away. Crowns are a painless and affordable solution to a problem like yours, so there's no reason to delay.