Can You Get a Dental Crown in One Visit? What Are the Benefits of This Approach?

Even just a decade ago, if you needed a dental crown, your only option was to see the dentist for two or more appointments. During the first appointment, they would prep your tooth, take measurements, and place a temporary crown on the tooth. During the second appointment, they would use cement to put the permanent crown (which was made at a lab) on the tooth. Today, many people do still undergo this standard, two-appointment crown procedure. But there is another option ā€” a one-appointment crown service. Not everyone is a candidate, however. Here's a look at who is a good candidate for a one-visit crown service, and what the benefits of this approach are.

Who is a candidate?

Generally, any patient can be fitted with a crown in one visit. If you just had a root canal due to an infection, your dentist may recommend against this service because they would rather fit you with a temporary crown for a few weeks and make sure the tooth is stable before the permanent crown is put into place. They may also recommend against the approach if your tooth is very badly decayed and they are worried that the decay may progress after crown placement. Putting a temporary crown in place first allows them to observe the tooth and make sure the decay process is more stabilized.

With the exceptions above, patients with the following conditions tend to be candidates for one-day crowns:

  • Moderate tooth decay
  • Tooth discoloration and staining to be masked with a crown
  • Cracked and chipped teeth
  • Teeth with worn or weakened enamel

What are the benefits of a one-appointment crown service?

The main benefit of this approach is that it saves you time in the dental chair and time driving to and from the dentist. Also, when you have a crown fitted in one day, it is made right in your dentist's office using specialized 3D printing technology. This allows for an even more precise fit. If there are any issues with the fit of the crown, your dentist can make adjustments right then and there, rather than having to send the crown back to the lab and wait for them to make another one.

If you need a crown, look for a dentist in your area like David Russell DDS, Inc, who offers one-day services. Chances are, you're a candidate and getting a crown in one day is much simpler.