Do You Have Teeth Sensitivity and Discoloration? Talk to Your Dentist About Enamel Loss

If your teeth are getting very sensitive and you don't go to the dentist as frequently as you should, you want to get an appointment and have your teeth examined to make sure that you aren't losing enamel. Sensitivity is often caused by the deterioration of the enamel on your teeth, and if the enamel is eroded you will want to get the teeth cleaned and inspected to see if there are cavities or other complications. Discuss the following things with your oral health professional.

Current Enamel and Oral Health Condition

The current enamel condition and the status of your oral health will be evaluated at the checkup. If there is extreme deterioration, and you have cavities, these are issues that need to be addressed right away.

If you have other problems like gum disease or the need for a root canal, these are things you may need to make another appointment to have treated properly. Cleaning the teeth may be uncomfortable if the teeth are very sensitive, so talk to the oral health expert about this in advance.

Protection and Further Loss Prevention

After treating the problems, you have to pursue prevention efforts to make sure that the name that you have left can be strong. This means you want to talk about having a protective coating put on the teeth to act as another layer of strong enamel, and you may need fluoride treatments. Talk to your dentist about getting the right type of oral health products to prevent further enamel loss.

Whitening Options

If you have noticed that it's more difficult to get your teeth white, even with the over-the-counter whitening products, talk to the dentist about in-office professional whitening choices. The ove- the-counter whitening products, along with things like alcohol, tea, and other beverages or foods, could be causing the enamel loss in the first place.

Your dentist will speak with you about your daily habits, the different oral health products that you use, and some other environmental factors to see why it is that you are losing enamel and experiencing sensitivity. There are many different products or things that could be bad for your teeth that you aren't even aware of and that you are using in your everyday life. Contact a dentistry professional and make an appointment to get your teeth taken care of by someone who knows what could be best for your mouth.