4 Money-Saving Hacks For Your Next Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

If you're wanting to have cosmetic dental work done, one of the major obstacles you may be facing is whether or not you can afford it. After all, cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and implants can be rather costly. The good news, however, is that there are some steps you can take to reduce your costs and make cosmetic work more affordable for you.

Check With Your Insurance Provider

First of all, if you have dental insurance, don't assume that your cosmetic procedures aren't covered. While it's true that most providers don't cover cosmetic dentistry, there are always exceptions--especially if your cosmetic problem is one that could eventually turn into a more serious issue (such as a chipped tooth making you more prone to tooth decay). Even if your insurance company will cover just a portion of your treatment, this can make a big difference.

Turn to a Local Dental School

Another option to save money on cosmetic dental work--especially in situations where your insurance won't cover it--is to check with local dentistry schools to see which offer cosmetic procedures. Often times, you can have dental work done at a significant discount by going to a dental school since the work itself will be performed by a dental student (under the careful supervision and guidance of an experienced dentist, of course).

Ask About a Dental Savings Plan

If you don't have dental insurance coverage or your insurance won't pay for any of your cosmetic work, ask your dentist about dental savings plans. These plans can be purchased at a low monthly or annual cost (usually for a fraction of what an insurance plan would cost) and allow you to enjoy significant discounts on dental work. Some of these even include savings on cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, so check with your dentist and see if they can recommend any of these plans for your needs.

Inquire About Cash Discounts

If all else fails, many dentists offer discounts for patients who will pay in cash for their work. If this is something you can swing, don't hesitate to ask for a discount on your services; you may be surprised to see how much you can save by paying in cash rather than by credit card or check. 

For more information about ways to pay for cosmetic procedures, reach out to the offices of dentists like Michael G Landy DDS.