Common Assumptions About Professional Teeth Whitening And The Actual Truth You Should Know

Having a smile that is a little grim in appearance can make you feel self-conscious about how you look overall. You may find yourself not smiling and laughing as much as you would like, or even avoiding social situations because you do not like your smile. Thankfully, the availability of teeth whitening is an ever-growing thing in the dental care industry, and even some regular dentists offer some form of whitening services. To better understand if you should have your teeth whitened, it is important to get any assumptions out of the way. Take a look at some of the most common assumptions about dental whitening procedures and the real truths you should know.:

Assumption: Teeth whitening is only for younger people. 

Truth: You can have your teeth whitened regardless of your age, as long as your teeth are generally healthy. In some cases, older adults can have gum issues or weakened enamel, which can be problematic with professional whitening procedures because the issues can be exacerbated. However, you should never assume that you cannot have your teeth whitened because of your age alone. 

Assumption: Teeth whitening is only temporary, so it's really not worth it. 

Truth: While it is true that some whitening procedures will only give you a whiter small for a certain period of time, most people find that their whitening results last quite a while. Most of the time, the foods you eat and what you drink will have an effect on how long your whitening results will last. With proper care of your smile and attention to what you put in your mouth can definitely give you longer-lasting results that will be well worth the money. 

Assumption: If you have fillings or crowns, your whitening results will not be even.

Truth: Fillings and crowns are sometimes a slightly different shade than the natural enamel of your tooth. However, this material is capable of being whitened as well. Therefore, uneven whitening results are usually not a problem. If there are inconsistencies with the shade of your teeth because of fillings or crowns, the cosmetic dentist will do spot treatments to even out the appearance so the inconsistencies are not noticeable. 

In the end, it is always best to get your information from a professional before you decide of teeth whitening is right for you. Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist's office like for further information on dental whitening procedures.