Taking Several Kids To The Orthodontist

If you have to take all of your children to the orthodontist at a clinic like Waterford Dental and you happen to have at least a few of them, then you already know you are in for a wild ride. It can be hard enough to take one child in for an exam, let alone three or four. When children go to the orthodontist, they will be nervous and they will get bored in the waiting room. This can leave one kid jumping around and hard to handle, let alone a few of them. By preparing for the job of taking several children to the dentist, you can increase the likeliness of things going smoothly. Here are some ways you can set yourself up for success when taking a number of children to the dentist:

Bring something to keep them all occupied in the waiting room

It can be difficult to find something that is capable of keeping children of all ages occupied for an extended period of time. However, there are some things that can do just this. A puzzle, a coloring poster, a fast moving board game, and card games are some of the things that may help entertain a larger number of kids. It's always best if you try to bring something that's brand new to all of them. This will help them to be more excited about it.

Set the appointments for one after the other

Even if you have to set the appointments out a bit further, it will be important to set them so all your kids will go in one after the other. If you end up with one of the appointments a half an hour or more from the rest, then this leaves you trying to entertain your kids and keeping them calm for a long period of time. This only increases the chances of chaos ensuing.

Set the appointment for right after lunch

If you are also able to get the appointments that come directly after the dental staff has taken lunch then you will have a better chance of your kids getting in and out without a long waiting period in the waiting room.

Bring snacks and drinks

One of the biggest complaints kids tend to have when they are waiting for anything is that they are hungry or thirsty. By making sure you come prepared with food and drinks, you can put an instant end to those complaints.