Decorative Tooth Art And Tooth Jewelry

Decorating one's teeth with tooth art and tooth jewelry is a trend that is gaining in popularity. These decorations can cover a permanent tooth restoration or be attached solely for decorative purposes. Here are some of the tooth art and jewelry trends that are currently popular:  

  • Tooth Jewels - Solitary gemstones or clusters of gemstones can be permanently or temporarily attached to the surface of teeth for a decorative look. These attached gemstones sparkle and reflect light when a person smiles or speaks. Precious gemstones chosen for this procedure are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Semi-precious gemstones are also popular, such as garnets, amethysts, aquamarines, crystals, peridots, zircons, and many others. Gemstones can be temporarily attached to teeth by etching the tooth surface and then applying a jewel with an LED (light emitting diode) cured glue. These jewels can be removed by a dentist by applying an LED light and scraping off the gemstone and the glue. After removing the jewel, the dentist will polish the underlying tooth surface to remove any remaining adhesive. Permanent jewels can be attached by drilling a hole into a tooth and filling the hole with enamel and an embedded gemstone. 
  • Tooth Charms - Small metal charms can be attached to a tooth surface for decorative purposes or to cover a metal or porcelain tooth restoration. Metal choices for tooth charms include gold, platinum, and titanium as they are hard metals that will stay in place longer than other metals. Metal charms can be in any shape as long as their profile is somewhat flat. Some popular tooth charms include hearts, stars, moons, flowers, leaping fish, dogs, musical notes, and galloping horses. 
  • Tooth Art and Drawings - Tooth art is another popular trend to decorate teeth. Small black and white or color drawings are embedded into enamel and then attached to the surface of a tooth for decoration. These enamel facings are attached to teeth with permanent or semi-permanent adhesives. Temporary tooth art lasts approximately two to three months. Removal of temporary tooth art is easily accomplished by a dentist. A changing gallery of tooth drawings can be applied repeatedly to a tooth if desired. 
  • Tooth Crowns - Single or multiple tooth crowns are permanent and can be made of porcelain or metal. Metal crowns are highly visible on front teeth. Popular metal choices for visible metal crowns are gold, platinum, and titanium. Abstract or representational designs can be engraved or cut into the surfaces of these visible metal crowns for a decorative look.  

Decorative tooth art and tooth jewelry are gaining in popularity. If you are interested in decorating your teeth with tooth art or tooth jewelry, speak to a cosmetic dentistry professional who can tell you if this procedure would be advisable for your particular teeth.