5 Life Improvements Dental Implants Can Offer

Is that missing tooth not making you feel confident when you smile? Then you most likely have been considering a dental procedure to fix it. While a dental bridge can be a viable option, it will not give you the benefits that a dental implant can. Here are several ways that using dental implants will improve your life.

1. Improved Eating Ability

When you have a dental bridge, a common concern is that the bridge could potentially break when eating. This is especially true if you are chewing on tougher foods, like lean meats. A dental implant is incredibly strong, and you will not have to worry about the implant breaking from eating normal foods.

2. Natural Appearance

A lot of care is put into making sure that a dental implant looks like your natural teeth. The color will be matched to the surrounding teeth, allowing it to blend in seamlessly. You will have added confidence since nobody will realize you once had a missing tooth.

3. Increased Durability

A downfall of a dental bridge is that it depends on the teeth that the bridge attaches to. If you were to have a problem with either of those teeth, your bridge will eventually fail. A dental implant does not depend on any other teeth for it to stay in place. You need to take proper care of your gums to avoid gum disease, but that is true even if you didn't have a dental implant.

4. Reduced Facial Sagging

A long-term effect of missing a tooth is that your jawbone doesn't receive the stimulation that it needs to remain healthy. Over time, missing teeth can cause your face to sag in that area due to bone loss. Since the titanium root is inserted into your jawbone, it receives stimulation through eating. It helps your jaw remain healthy, and retains the shape of your face.

5. Prevents Teeth Shifting

In addition to facial sagging, missing teeth can cause the teeth surrounding the gaps to drift over time. If you went through the trouble of getting braces early in life to realign your teeth, missing teeth can easily undo that work. An implant gives the surrounding teeth support, and prevents them from shifting towards the gap

For more benefits of dental implants, visit your dentist during a consultation.  They will perform an exam that will help determine if you would be a good candidate for dental implants, and answer any questions you may have. To learn more, visit a website like http://adazzlingsmile.com/